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Sample 2BR Floor Plan

Stearns Farm Lot Availability Map

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some frequent questions we have received about the new construction at Stearns Farm. Should you have questions or if you would like to see the available homes at Stearns Farm, please call Stan at 207-852-1852 or use our online contact form here.

What Are The Prices Of The Homes?

The prices for the homes are around $240,000. Customization options could increase the price if features or changes are added to the stock options.

What Are The Annual Taxes For Each Home?

Annual taxes in Hampden for a home in Stearns Farm is around $4,000/year.

Are There Any Home Owner Associatoin (HOA) Fees?

Yes. The Town of Hampden mandated a Homeowners Association to maintain mailboxes and common areas. S.E. MacMillan will maintain mailboxes and common areas for the years 2023, 2024, and 2025. S.E. MacMillan will mow all lawns and plow all driveways.

There is a HOA fee of $100/mo. This will include maintenance, mowing, and plowing.

Fees will be payable to S.E. MacMillan Company, Inc. An HOA will be formed January 2026 for future year governance.

Are Pets Allowed At Stearns Farm?

Yes, dogs and cats are allowed.

What Is The Eligibllity To Purchase?

Homeowners must have annual income under $97,560 per the State of Maine Affordable Homeowner’s Program.

Who Was The Team That Developed Stearns Farm?

The following were instrumental in the planning, development, and construction of Stearns Farm:

Planning Team:

  • Developer: S.E. MacMillian Company, Inc
  • Land Surveyor: Plisga & Day, Bangor
  • Environmental: Moyse Environmental, Bangor
  • Design Engineer: Kiser & Kiser, Hampden
  • Legal: Rudman & Winchell, Bangor

Building Team:

  • Earthwork: S.E. MacMillan Co
  • Carpentry: Jason Hewitt, Chris Dunbar
  • Plumbing: Phil Rush Plumbing & Heating
  • Painting: Modern Decorators
  • Concrete: S.E. MacMillian Co
  • Electrical: Scotts Electic (Scott Kenny)
  • Heating: Phil Rush Plumbing & Heating
  • Sheet Rock: Jeff Fearon, Hampden

What Are The Property Disclosures?

  • Water supply is public from Hampden Water District. Water has been tested and passed.
  • Sewage systems is public by the Town of Hampden. All lines have been pressure tested.
  • Storm system is public by the Town of Hampden and designed by Kiser & Kiser.
  • Heating system in each home consists of three (3) Mitsubishi heat pumps. 1 is 15,000 BTU for marine room and 2 are 600 BTU for each bedroom
  • The land for Stearns Farm was previously used for farming. There are no underground storage tanks or hazardous materials.